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Mission Statement & Goals
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Art is not what you see, but what
you make others see.
Edgar Degas


Calling All Women:  Get involved and shatter diversity!

We cordially invite you to join us, Breaking Up Walls Inc., to participate in an opportunity for women to gather, and celebrate the Worth of a Woman. 

Unity Art Project:


:       Celebrate the Worth of a Woman:

Worth= Women of Radical Restoration truth & hope

A collaborative effort of women-owned & non profit businesses whose goal is to bring awareness too and demand action to be taken regarding the abuse of ALL women, of all ages in the Valley of the Sun and nationwide!

This visual women built expansive project will undertake the educational enrichment of all viewers and participates to recognize the plight of intra-generational woman regarding mental, spiritual, financial, physical, sexual, emotional, and educational abuses. Delete agenda and change remaining to corrected:

All organization that wishes to participate through their attendance at this first meeting will be instrumental in paving the criteria, guidelines, and form mastermind collaboration.  These original attendees/ businesses will be known as the Core Group.  From this Core Group will come the chief engineers of this Unity Art Project.

Subsequent organizations that join prior to January 2009 will become the Core Working Group whose chief responsibly will be to finance direct and launch this project.

Only three attendees from each interested organization may attend due to limited space.  We are selecting diverse organizations to be part of this Core Group so that all avenues of abuse toward females will have a platform in this permanent visually vocal Unity Art Project in April  2008!  It will be our hope that through national exposure, this feminine platform will be duplicated so as to encourage all women to seize their WORTH and CELEBRATE!

Meeting have been held since 2007 . Call for dates and planning schedule. Smaller committees (Core Working Groups ) are encouraged to plan meetings separately.  As it becomes necessary, representatives from these respective committees will meet with the Core Group and the Planning Core Group to strategies. Organizations who have not become part of the Core Group, Core Working Groups, and Planning Core by January 2008 will be encouraged to join CELEBRATE as facilitators and volunteers.  

Breaking UP Walls, Inc.
Connecting Through Art


America Unity Arts Project  |  602-510-3064

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