Breaking Up Walls takes empty, abused, and neglected surfaces and gives them a voice to speak against injustices. Each mural's mammoth size speaks as an overt advertisement against the issues that separate people of all ages from each other.

Through "color" these murals will graphically define who we are and how similar we can be. They affect the participants, cities, and onlookers reaching out to the world with a unique individual message.

By creating a mural on cement, individuals pictorially take responsibility for their societal roles. The effects they have on their visual, physical, and emotional environments that surrounds each mural will continue. Each painting leaves a lasting historical legacy of the way things were and how each individual can act to alter their surroundings.

These recordings on cement tell of the lives and concerns of the volunteer artists. Eventually they transform neighborhoods, reduce vandalism and unwelcome graffiti. During the process new artists will materialize from within the youth of our communities.

For more information or if you or your group would like to volunteer to locate and paint a mural, please contact us or call us at






American Art Projects 602-510-3064<      Unity Arts Project

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