Breaking Up Walls began as a concept in October of 1997 and has turned into reality in the summer of 2004.

After moving to Arizona from Oregon, I noticed concrete walls built to isolate and surround new and old developments, private and commercial buildings, residences, and landscaping. It occurred to me that these walls not only divide property but segregates us as well. The result for me was an unwavering commitment to create a process by which these negative obstructions would somehow form a positive statement. I call this process "Breaking Up Walls".

Breaking Up Walls gathers groups from schools, spiritual organizations, ethnic groups, neighborhoods anyone wanting to contribute their talents. These groups of individuals would join together to create a mural that reflects who they are and what they believe.

Breaking Up Walls becomes the vehicle that not only brings art into a cityscape, but inspires people to break down their own walls!

               Colette _- _Founder


of your neighbor as he paints his dreams on your wall.
that paint murals on another heart.
we each have been given to touch each other with love.
that are responsible for caring for this world
of color that paint humanity
that make us each unique.

From left to right: Connie, Colette, and Karen


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