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Mission Statement & Goals
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The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.
   — Michelangelo


Every Unity Art Project successfully provides a bridge to all ages, nations, genders, and belief systems who actively pursue reconciliation using our trademarked 4 step model. Upon completion each community portrait continues to instill hope for the future and stands as a permanent visual compliment to the resourcefulness of humanity.

As "walls" are replaced with colorful tapestries preconceived perceptions and mindsets diminish, making America a kinder nation. Our proven 4 -step model deliberately challenges diverse individuals to move past generational attitudes.

Budgetary restraints in America's schools mean art classes are cancelled. Creative students, conceal their angry attitudes and "tagging" is the by product. Students attack vacant city walls and objects to express unresolved feelings of abandonment and rage.

"Self proclaimed artists" and their "colorful palettes" cost America man hours and money! By providing alternatives for healthy acceptable artistic expression in a bold manner through our model- crime art is replaced. Vandalism graffiti and art crimes are soaring, costing taxpayers and businesses daily. Our fun whimsical collaborative process replaces negativity.

By sharing and breaking apart misunderstandings, tensions soften. We continue to inspire communities!

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